Animatrice : Banzita Mwilambwe (animatrice de robotique)

Pour les plus jeunes : Robotics, Coding, Electronics, 3D design and Modeling

Pour les plus grands : Robotics, Coding, Game App coding, Web Design, Electronics, 3D design and Modeling

We will be offering a technical activities covering the subjects of robotics, mechanicals, coding, electronics and 3D design and modelling.   We will use mostly low tech materials instead of pre made technical kits as much as possible.  Such as building fun and interesting hydraulic powered robots using cardboard, syringes, glue and wood, instead of using the Lego Robotics Kits.  In place of using Lego motors, the children will learn how to build their own motors.


* une participation financière sera demandée pour les fournitures



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