Aikido is a Japanese martial art that can be practiced by men and women of any age. This martial art belongs to the ancient Japanese Budo tradition but being developed around 1920 by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). Morihei Ueshiba has combined many different aspects of martial arts into a system which does not meet force with force but aims at blending with and re-directing the energy of an attacker and to bring him under control through throws and pins. The movements are graceful, effective and seem deceivingly simple, often based upon ancient sword fighting techniques.

Aikido is one of few martial arts that does not have any competitions. The ultimate goal of Aikido isn’t to be the strongest among others. Through practicing its techniques, we aim at improving ourselves physically and mentally regardless age, gender and physical conditions etc. This is the essential way how Aikido-ka (people who practice Aikido) seeks.

Aikido lesson starts from rolling. We learn how to roll forwards and backwards. This is fun especially for children! The rollings are the basics of Aikido because they will protect yourself. We practice how to roll hundreds, thousands times, and this will be eventually a part of your natural movements in the daily life, which may be able to avoid you injuries when you slip on the ice!

As a Japanese martial art, Aikido will include also inner practice. During the lesson, we create silent moments when we sit together with straight back. This will develop patience and concentration.

We believe that learning Aikido can bring unique value to young generations as well.

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